About Us

Computers are here to stay until our maker rescues us from what we have unleashed upon ourselves. It is however not a hopeless situation.

This website was created to complement the following websites and blogs  http://www.foodsthathealdaily.com/, http://healthsolutionsforthewiredlife.com/, http://www.jointheirspublishing.com/ and http://sogconsultants.com/  in providing information to enable all computer users understand the effects of computer use on their health and the solutions that our maker has put in nature to lead us out of the wilderness of pain and turmoil we have unleashed upon ourselves.

It is possible to minimize the health effects of computer use. The first step is to acknowledge that computer use hurts because it is not an activity we are naturally coded with.

It is more or less the outsourcing of human activity to the lifeless computer to perform. Sometimes the output is a negative benefit but we never allow ourselves to acknowledge this.

When it comes to our health, we have only one life and there is no life replacement surgery. Consequently we must take our computer use activity seriously.

We must learn the preventative measures that we must have in place to minimize the harmful effect and the limitations that we must impose upon ourselves as the computer cannot put a check on our activity.

When using the computer we must learn to control both the computer and ourselves simultaneously to be in control.

With computer use, assuming things and not taking the reality into consideration is not an option. We should not always do what we can do but what with provide the least health interrupting consequences.

Our love for make belief may not be compatible with our computer use if we intend to use it without self destroying.

Our intention is to provide everyone with resources and information they need to make the best decisions when using the computer.