Water, Dehydration and Computer Use


Unbeknown to many computer users, the light from the computer screen is a source of dehydration. That is why we constantly feel thirsty during computer use. The quick soda is not however the answer.

In this her new book, Adetutu Ijose again seeks to bring attention to yet another aspect of the health effect of computer use not normally associated with computer use but which is inherent in computer use and therefore should be a concern to all computer users.

She explains why this is so and provides practical suggestions on how to tackle this problem.

Computers are here to stay and therefore will affect everyone’s health on a long term basis since it has become intricately intertwined with every facet of human life.

The issue of dehydration is particularly important as it has implications for every aspect of human health.

This book is indeed a must read for all computer users and all who love them.

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Water, Dehydration and Computer Use
Water, Dehydration and Computer Use

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