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We are in fall or if you prefer autumn now and it will gradually get very cold from now till the end of the year when we enter the really cold winter season.

Now is the time to prepare your body for the hard work of keeping you healthy when the going gets tough in winter. There is something you can do to prepare your body:.

Eat healthily by visiting your local community farmers market or one near you or that has farmers selling the type of produce you need. Most of them are outdoors at this time making a visit a great outdoor walking exercise. Not all will be open in winter but all are open during the fall.

If you do not know which one to go to, try my favorite farmers market – The Montclair Farmers’ market.

The Montclair Farmers market is located on Walnut Street at the Walnur Street train station. Because there are so many vendors the station’s two parking lots are used.

Market day is every Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm. This farmers market is packed with every thing you need to stay healthy. There is a certified organic produce farmer available and the others though not certified actually in most cases especially for vegetables use organic farming practices but choose to save on the cost of certification.

The best part is that you can chat with the farmers and find out what theur farming practices are.

Because the produce is straight from the farm to the table the taste and nutritional content of what you purchase is second to none.

You can get grass fed meats and milk, wild caught fish, wild harvested mushrooms, fresh herb, cheese and the list goes on and on.wuth ;

tHe best part is that the market is open all year roud. In winter there are fewer farmers as many keep their land fallow for the winter but there are enough to ensure you can get fresh food to purchase year round.

Do not take my word for it visit the Montclair Fatmers Market in Montclair New Jersey if you live in the state of New Jersey or look for one near you wherever you live and change all your nagative health issues for good.